Senior Checkout

May 10, 2019 
After Completed Finals 
LSW Fieldhouse

  1. Once finals are completed, all seniors will be directed to the **PLACE** to begin the checkout process.
  2. At this event, you will:
    1. Confirm for the final time, the spelling of your name for your diploma and pronunciation of your name as it should be pronounced at Graduation;
    2. Check in your Chromebook and charging cord;
    3. Turn in your checkout card. Please make sure all signatures are obtained on your checkout card PRIOR to going to the **PLACE**.
  3. ALL fines (academic, athletic, activity, library and cafeteria) must be cleared, assigned discipline must be served and required community service completed before any senior will be able to checkout.
  4. In addition, you will NOT be able to check out until you have completed your
    Senior Exit Survey.