Dress Code


As soon as the graduate receives their cap and gown at Senior Checkout on Friday, May 10th, please hang the gown to allow the wrinkles to fall out.  If needed, press with a cool iron. If this is not done, the gown will not be presentable for the special ceremonies.  In order to participate in the ceremonies, the following guidelines must be followed:

    • Caps should be worn straight with tassels on the left side.   NO WRITING ON CAPS.
    • Hairstyles should permit the proper fit of caps.  Secure with hairpins.
    • Flowers or jewelry should not be worn on the outside of the graduation gown.
    • Appropriate dress must be worn under the graduation gown.
        • Males should wear dark slacks, dark socks and dark shoes.  
      • Females should wear a dress that does not hang below the gown hemline & shoes appropriate for climbing stairs.
  • Do not chew gum or wear sunglasses.


If you are attending the graduation ceremony, the dress attire is business casual.